Friday 8 December 2023

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  1. Beloved family-friendly movie "A Christmas Story" sprung from tales that New York City shock jock Jean Shepherd first shared on late-night radio and in Playboy magazine.
  2. Here is an exploration of the mesmerizing world of the moon, from its varied phases to rare occurrences such as blood moons, blue moons and much more.
  3. West Virginia mother and business owner reacts to skyrocketing prices and sticking inflation after the cost of Kevin McCallister's grocery list leaves movie fans stunned.
  4. Hunter Biden's attorney said Thursday that his client would not be facing charges out of Delaware and California if he was not the son of President Biden.
  5. Despite the disastrous performance of college presidents on Capitol Hill, I know my school must stand with Israel. As a chancellor, it's our duty to speak out.