Saturday 16 February 2019

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  1. Signage outside a swim-with-the-dolphins venue in Arizona was removed Friday, one week after the facility was shuttered following the death of the fourth bottlenose dolphin in less than two years, according to reports. 
  2. What to do about a parent who is difficult to understand, get along with, or even coexist with? I’d like to offer a few suggestions based on my own hard-won experience in life, the details of which would only matter to the world if I had married Prince Harry’s imaginary younger sister.
  3. When I was 18, I told the most elaborate lie of my life and I did it because I was lazy.
  4. Sometimes it can creep into our lives with an unwelcome stealth. I would never have conceived that I could be surrounded by a husband, kids, and friends, and yet still feel its clutches suffocating my heart. But there I was, married 10 years, two kids, busier than ever, and yet lonelier than I had ever been. And it seemed to me that my husband was totally oblivious to my needs and more often than not, to me!
  5. Eight artisanal miners who were trapped underground for several days after heavy flooding in Zimbabwe have been rescued, though some of their co-workers are still missing and feared dead.