Tuesday 20 August 2019

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  1. Fox News' Laura Ingraham took on members of the Democratic Party for what she said was "rooting against America" and disparaging supporters of President Trump, and said the left is largely "furious" they may lose the 2020 election to the New York Republican.
  2. House Minority Whip Steve Scalise asked what it would take for liberals to denounce violence against conservatives after a Democratic state senator from Illinois came under fire last weekend over pictures showing his supporters at a fundraising event taking part in a mock assassination on President Trump.
  3. A New York City condominium owner illegally converted his one-unit apartment into a duplex with 11 cramped sub-units, some of which had ceilings just 4 1/2 feet high, forcing his tenants to crouch or walk on their knees, officials alleged. 
  4. Former Vice President Joe Biden isn't receiving the customary support of the president he served with, which should be a red flag to voters, according to Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe.